1 September 2014

Limited Liability Partnership Registration Procedure in India. How to Register Limited Liability Partnership in India


Earlier we have have shared Private Limited Company Registration Procedure in India. Now we are going to discuss about LLP i.e. Limited Liability Registration Procedure in India. LLP is a new concept introduce in india in the year 2009. LLP is governed by Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. 

Before we start with LLP registration procedure, first we should know minimum documents required for LLP registration are as under:

1. Minimum Two Person

2. No Minimum Capital contribution prescribed under the said Act.

3. All Partners must have PAN Card & DIN No.

4. Address Proof of All Partners of LLP

5. One Registered Office Address Proof and NOC from Owner of said Registered Office.

If all the above basic requirements are fulfilled then only we can proceed for LLP Registration.

Now we will discussed with Steps required for LLP Registration in India.

Step 1: DPIN Application:

DPIN Stands for Designated Partner Identification Number. It is similar to DIN No. Basic things required for DPIN application is

1. DSC i.e. Digital Signature of Applicant.

2. Copy of PAN Card of Applicant.

3. One Address Proof in the name of Applicant.

4. Declaration in Form DIR-4 on Rs. 100 Stamp Paper notarised by Public Notary.

Step 2 : LLP Name Approval Application

After DPIN no, Next step is to proceeds with LLP Name Approval Application as prescribed in Form-1. LLP Name Applied must be as per NAME AVAILABILITY GUIDELINES issued by MCA - Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

After name application it will take 3 to 5 working days for LLP Name Approval by MCA officials.

Step 3: Filing of LLP Incorporation Documents

After approval of LLP name, now time come to file LLP incorporation documents with prescribed form in Form-2. Documents required for filing Form -2 are as under:

1. Designated Partners Consent Letter in Form - 9 as prescribed by LLP Rules.

2. LLP Subscriber sheet.

3. One Address Proof of  Registered Office.

4. NOC from Owner of Registered Office. 

After filing of Form-2 with required documents, it will take minimum 6 to 8 working days for approval. After approval of Form-2 LLP Registration certificate issued by Registrar of MCA.   

Step 4: Filing of LLP Agreement with MCA 

LLP Agreement is the Heart of LLP, All the administrative act done by the designated partners are governed by LLP Agreement. LLP Agreement must be filed with MCA by filing Form-3 with in 30 days from date of Incorporation certificate issued by MCA on approval of Form-2. On Approval of Form-3 LLP Registration Procedure will be ended.


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