9 September 2014

How to do Trademark Search

Hello Readers,

Today we are going to discussed how to do Trademark Search. We all very well know that Trademark Search is the First Step of Trademark Registration. I must say that Trademark Search is the most Important step in Trademark Registration which help us to avoid future objection in the nature of Registry Objections (First Examination Report ) as well as Third Party Objections.

In many cases, Individuals only search Trademark via Public Search offered by Trademark Registry free of cost.

Steps for Conducting Trademark Search

1. Go to Google and type TMR INDIA


2. Click on TMR India the First in Search Result  

3. Now Trademark Website Will Open

4. Click on Public Search Tab

5. Now Enter Work Mark of your Brand Name that you want to register and select appropriate class in which you want to register your brand

 6. After entering the details click on SEARCH to see the result. If your mark is available for registration then result will so " No Records Found".


1. It is always advisable to conduct search by Expert.

2. Trademark Search by Experts may cost you but it will reduce the chances of future objections 

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