30 August 2014

How to Register Private Limited Company in Mumbai. Steps for Formation of Private Limited Company in Mumbai.

Want to Incorporate Private Limited Company in Mumbai ? 

Companies Act, 2013 re-design the Company Formation procedure with additional requirements and added more compliance as compare to Companies Act, 1956

I have tried my best to list requirements for the Company Formation as per revised norms.

Before starting Company Formation procedure we should know the Minimum Requirement for Formation of Private Limited Company.

I). Minimum Requirements:  

  • Minimum Two Directors ( At least one Director must be an Indian Resident ) 
  • Minimum Two Shareholders (Director and Shareholders can be the same Person)
  • Minimum Paid-up Share Capital Rs. 1,00,000/- (One Lac)
II). Apart from above, Minimum Documentary Requirement for Company Formation is as under:
  1. PAN Card of all Promoters / Directors / Share holders
  2. Any One of additional Identity Proof as mentioned below of all Promoters / Directors / Share holders
    • Voters Identity Card
    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Aadhar Card
    • Any One Address Proof as mentioned below of all Promoters / Directors / Share holders
      • Latest Bank Statement 
      • Latest Electricity Bill
      • Latest Telephone Bill
      • Latest Mobile Bill 
      1. For Proposed Registered Office of Company
        • One Address Proof of Registered Office of Proposed Company e.g. Electricity Bill, Land line Telephone Bill, Water Bill, Property Tax Bill
        • NOC (No Objection Certificate) From Owner of the Premises which is declared to be Registered Office of Proposed Company  
      If Conditions given in Clause I & II Fulfill then only private limited Company Formation possible.

      Now we move forward to Steps for Company Registration in Mumbai.   

      Steps for Company Formation in Mumbai is Under:

      Step 1:  Application for Digital Signature & DIN No.
      Step 2:  Search for Company Name Availability
      Step 3:  Application for Company Name Approval
      Step 4:  Filing Company Incorporation Forms
      Step 5:  Verification of Forms / Documents by ROC
      Step 6:  Issue of Certificate of Incorporation by ROC 

      Step 1 : Application for Digital Signature & DIN No.

      Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

      What is Digital Signature Certificate ?

      The Information Technology Act, 2000 provides for use of Digital Signatures on the documents submitted in electronic form in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents filed electronically. This is the only secure and authentic way that a document can be submitted electronically. As such, all filings done by the companies under MCA21 e-Governance programme are required to be filed with the use of Digital Signatures by the person authorised to sign the documents.

      Documents Required for Digital Signature (DSC)
      • PAN Card of Applicant
      • One Address Proof of Applicant
      • One Passport Size Photo

      Director Identification Number (DIN No)

      What is Director Identification Number (DIN No) ?

      It is an unique Identification Number allotted to an individual who is an existing director of a company or intends to be appointed as director of a company pursuant to section 153 & 154 of the Companies Act, 2013.

      Documents required for Director Identification Number (DIN No).
      • PAN Card
      • One Address Proof 
      • Declaration in form DIR-4 must be on Stamp Paper.
      • Other information as required in form DIR-3 ( Application for DIN No.
      Step 2:  Search for Company Name Availability 

      Promoters of the company has to provide Six Proposed Names of proposed company in preferential order. Promoters can themselves can check availability of names by visiting MCA Website. Click here for Check Availability of Names   

      It is also advisable to check proposed company name availability as per Trade Mark Act also. Check Name Availability under Trade Mark Act, 1999.

      Step 3:  Application for Company Name Approval

      After Preliminary assessment of name availability, We can apply Application for Company Name Reservation in Form INC-1 with ROC. Proposed Name of company must be comply with company rules as given by MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) in Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014.   

      After due assessment by registrar of companies, they issue Company Name approval certificate which is available for registration for 2 months from date of  issue of said certificate.

      Step 4:  Filing Company Incorporation Forms  

      After Name approval next step is to file necessary forms with ROC for  Company Incorporation . 

      Forms required to file with ROC for Company incorporation are INC-7, INC-22 & DIR -12.

      INC-7 is for Application of Incorporation of Company.

      Documents required for filing with  INC-7 are:

      • MOA (Memorandum of Association ) of Proposed Company
      • AOA (Articles of Association ) of Company
      • Declaration from Professional in form INC-8 (must be on Rs. 100 stamp paper and notarized by public notry)
      • Affidavit from the subscribers to the Memorandum in Form INC-9 (must be on Rs. 100 stamp paper and notarized by public notry)
      • Proof of Identity
      • Verification of Signature of Subscribers in Form INC-10. ( Must be duly attested by a Public Notary or Bank Office )
      • Address Proof of Subscribers
      • PAN Card of Subscribers  

      INC-22 is for Notice of Situation of Registered Office

      Documents required for filing with  INC-22 are:

      • Proof of Registered office of Proposed Company
      • NOC from Owner of said premises

      DIR-12 is for Providing information about particulars of appointment of Directors of  the Company 

      Documents required for filing with  DIR-12 are:
      • Declaration by First Directors 
      • Declaration by Appointee Directors in Form DIR-2.  
      After compilation of  all the information and documents, all duly filled form i.e. INC-7,22 & DIR -12 to be uploaded to ROC and payment of required fees. 

       Step 5:  Verification of Forms / Documents by ROC

      After scrutinized all uploaded forms, ROC may suggest necessary changes if any and we will have to fulfill their requirements as per Re-Submission Requirements.

      Step 6:  Issue of Certificate of Incorporation by ROC

      If ROC is satisfy with information and documents submitted with necessary forms and required fees and stamp duty, he will issue Certificate of Incorporation via E-Mail which is Digitally Signed by concern Registrar of Companies.

      If you have any other query regarding Company Formation, you can reach us at hatkars.consultant@gmail.com or Call us at +91 9820649774 for further consultation.